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The astronomy workshop

Enjoy and learn through our astronomy workshop. At astroGC, we offer an excursion from Maspalomas and other tourist places in Gran Canaria, including a genuine astronomy workshop with extremely powerful telescopes. You will be taken far away from light pollution in the West Gran Canarian mountains where our professional staff will show you galaxies, clusters, nebulae, planets etc. We mount at least one telescope for every 8 guests giving time to enjoy the observation. Something unique to do in Gran Canaria.

The telescope

You will be picked up from YOUR HOTEL in south Gran Canaria, and we will take you to the best observing spot depending of the clouds, the wind, planets, light pollution etc.

At astroGC we only use extremely large telescopes of 16'' aperture for bright, sharp and high quality images. We had to build our own telescopes (or at least part of it) to be able to offer such a service.


There will be explanations on the workings of the telescopes and some of the fundamental workings of the Universe. You will be taught the basics of how to read the sky. If you wish, you will be able to use the telescope yourself, pointing it in the sky and making your own adjustments.

Andromeda galaxy

Just let us know your availability and we will contact you regarding the best opportunity. We will confirm the trip at midday with the latest weather prediction. Our Guarantee of quality is easy: you only pay if the workshop was successful!



A tour full of passion

Telescope and milkyway

My name is Gauthier, I am Starlight Astronomy Monitor by the Starlight foundation and founder of astroGC. Carmelo, Sebastian, Toni and myself we would be happy to share with you our knowledge and the passion for astronomy we had since childhood.


The best for you

  • Lights
  • Credit: NASA

Your trip will take place when and where conditions are optimum as we monitor the weather constantly. You will be taken to the darkest area of the island when and where the sky is clear, adapting the observing point to the wind and clouds. Check here the observing spots where we normally go.





For your comfort, pickup is done using a small van or minibus.

Group size: maximum of 8 people for every large telescope.

English and Spanish are spoken.

Do you have any disability or condition that could trigger difficulties? We are here to help you, please follow this link.



Pickup is approximately 90 mins before sunset. The total duration is about 5 hours. Click Here for a more detailed timing


The program of observation depends on the position of the earth, the moon and planets. Click Here to see the program




First participant: 50 €

Additional participant: 45 €

Children from 0 to 12 have 5 € discount


Price includes transport FROM ANY HOTEL OR RESIDENCE in south Gran Canaria.


This price also includes the IGIC local tax equivalent to VAT. NO hidden fees, nothing more to pay.


The booking process is free. You pay at the end of the workshop if everything went good.