Adverse weather phenomenon

30 November 2023 11:20 am.

As of today, the Canary Islands are affected by a pre-alert for strong storms.

East coast of Gran Canaria
East coast of Gran Canaria

The weather is being calm right now but a storm will come during the afternoon, with strong winds and rains during the night 30/11-01/12.

Strong winds from Atlantic ocean in Gran Canaria
Credit: NOAA Satellites GOES-16 and EUMETSAT

Strong storms are to come in the surroundings of the larger islands, without discarding them on the easternmost islands.

In weather forecasts and warnings, strong storm involves large electrical apparatus accompanied by locally strong rainfall or very strong maximum wind gusts or hail greater than 1 cm in diameter.

Storm in Gran Canaria
Archive image of a similar storm in Gran Canaria


Here is the official pre-alert from the Canarian Government: Official pre-alert (in Spanish)

Here is an non official translation (by astroGC): Non official pre-alert (in English)











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